Azraff and Ferzon! The past, the present and our future!
Azraff, sired by Raffles and out of Azja IV. 15 hands, strong boning, long neck, short back and a great hip. He was widely known as an excellent producer of both stallions and particularly good broodmares. Azraff lived a long and prolific life with Comar Arabians in Iowa. He died at age 29.

Ferzon, sired by Ferneyn and out of Fersara, was taller than 15 hands. Ferzon set a standard of type and elegance that went beyond words. His owners were Gainey Fountainhead Arabians where Ferzon died at 30 years of age.
Azraff and Ferzon, collectively, produced 65 National winners and over 168 Champions with many of these champions going on to produce Champions and National Champions as well.

Many of the horses in the Show ring today can trace to these great stallions and many of us still rely on the very fiber of why we breed these bloodlines. We breed them for their pedigrees. They are incredibly prepotent. We breed them for their classic type, beauty, correct conformation and athleticism. All of these characteristics are synonymous with Azraff and Ferzon breeding. Few bloodlines have this claim today.

The true and original “Golden Cross” of Azraff and Ferzon was ¬†recognized at the 1970 National Championship Horse Show. The honors of “SUPREME SIRES” and “LIVING LEGENDS” were bestowed upon these two magnificent stallions.

James P Dean, cherished breeder and horseman, once commented, “What a blessing for the Arabian breed that Garth Buchanan and Daniel C. Gainey chanced to live in the same part of the country, and at the same time with these two great stallions”. With his quiet and winning ways, “Jimmie” as he was known to his friends, was instrumental in encouraging these two strong individuals, Dan and Garth, to blend their programs. The rest is history.
To quote Daniel C. Gainey

“Perfection must be the inevitable beacon of light in any undertaking which hopes to achieve worthwhile results. Personal ownership, prejudice, even that great quality, loyalty, must not be the guiding hand in a breeding program”.
“Perfection is what we are after” ¬†
We have not achieved perfection yet. But we still have the bloodlines to get us very close.

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